what products can be used at home for cleaning carpet

by cristina nuno
(victorville ca)

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Nov 23, 2011
home carpet cleaning products
by: dave@healthier-cleaning-products.com


The copy of your question is a bit fuzzy but I think you are saying you have tried many different brands of carpet cleaning products and none have worked.

This is a common problem even though there are a ton a carpet cleaning product choices available.

Generally for cleaning the home carpet the machine choices are limited to either a supermarket or big box store "Rug Doctor" rental or a machine that resembles a vacuum cleaner that is capable of wet cleaning the carpet. Lets not forget the dry cleaning powders that are sprinkled on and worked into the carpet to absorb the dirt then vacuumed away.

In theory all these cleaning methods can clean your carpet but if the carpet cleaning product is not quality then the results will be disappointing. Even a professional carpet cleaner with high end equipment will produce poor results if the cleaning product is junk.

Most of the carpet cleaning products available to the general public are full of toxic chemicals that make cleaning the carpet more hazardous to your health than the dirt you are trying to remove. Plus, many do it yourselfers think that if some works good then more has to work better.

Cristine, you don't state what type of stains or soil you are trying to remove from your carpet, what cleaning method you are using, or if you need a spot remover or all the carpet cleaned in your home. You only express dissatisfaction with the cleaners available.

This site features effective and safe cleaning products for carpeting and hard surfaces. Any of the cleaning solutions featured can be used for home carpet cleaning. They can be used in the rental machines or in a "home carpet cleaner" machine and do provide excellent cleaning results when used as directed.

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