Stream cleaning ( hot water extraction )

by Don

Hi, I own a carpet steam cleaning company (hot water extraction ). I am reading some of the reviews on this site and where some people didn't have good luck with steam clean - hmm. I read the reviews. One person says the stains came back, one says the water that comes out of the recovery tank is very dirty so that must mean that the water in the carpet that's left is dirty and muddy. Well please let me enlighten some of the people with bad luck. First and for most I would hope that you read reviews on the company that you are hiring. The carpet manufacturers' recommend the carpet should be cleaned every 6-12 months depending on traffic or animal traffic. If you have stains after your carpet steam cleaning professional gets done and dries, your pro, wasn't a PRO. They were a person with a license to drive a van(I hope). The longer you LEAVE CERTAIN STAINS THE CHANCE OF GETTING THEM OUT COULD BE NO CHANCE AT ALL OF GETTING THEM OUT. Some stains actually fade materials in carpets . - hot water extraction is the best way to get your carpet DEEP CLEANED. That doesn't mean you can wait 20 years before you clean it, nor does it mean when the home owner tries to clean a spot or stain with the wrong chemical that it won't make the stain permanent . Wool carpets and or oriental rugs are the HARDEST TO GET STAINS OUT of.
Bonnet carpet cleaning humm if you think about how that works it's ONLY going to clean the top. There will be no way to get any thing out of the bottom of the carpet .

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Jan 27, 2015
Don's submission

Hi Don,

Thanks for your submission. You make some very good points about steam cleaning, however, I do differ with you when it comes to bonnet (low moisture) cleaning.

Just like steam cleaning, if the technician performs the service properly the results are as good as steam cleaning.

There seems to be a myth concerning low moisture cleaning, that it is a "surface" only cleaning method.

If you are able in your service, try using an OP (oscilating pad) machine. This machine uses the agitation part of the TACT (Temperature, Agitation, Chemical and Time) more than temperature. It does clean deeply. Which brings us always back to the Chemical part of TACT.

Most all methods clean carpet adequately. What makes the difference is the Chemical. That chemical is Soap Free Procyon (available for purchase on this site).

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