Steam Cleaning is Terrible

by Sharon Manas
(South Africa)

I have had my carpets steam cleaned on numerous occasions over the years.

Here's what I found. The carpets/mattresses stay wet for days, not a few hours as some Carpet Cleaners would have you believe.

The carpets once cleaned smell like a rat died in the room and that smell persisted for days. My mattress had to be dried for 3 hours afterwards with a hairdryer, otherwise we would never have been able to sleep on it that night.

The mattress also retained a moldy kind of smell that never went away no matter what air freshener I sprinkled on it. The carpets eventually started to come apart at the seams from shrinkage specifically due to using water on them.

About 6 months ago I decided to go the dry carpet cleaning route and I was truly amazed at how stunning my mattress, couches and carpets looked and smelled. They were all dry within an hour and a half and stayed clean for months. My mattress does not stink at all.

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Dec 14, 2014
as a cleaner who uses all methods
by: Anonymous

I use all methods, Hot water extraction, low moisture with an oscillating pad machine, and dry cleaning. To date, I have had the most positive results with dry cleaning. Of course, I vacuum thoroughly, and I perform a spot treatment, but I do not rely on the dry compound 100%. I pre spray with an organic solution to help break down the soil and only use the dry compound to extract the soil. The carpet, after just a few minutes is Clean, fresh, and dry.......Regardless of the soiled condition. I do alot of work with apartments, and this method is the only method that has not failed as HWE tends to cause wicking on occasion, and Low Moisture cleaning does a great job on appearance cleaning, using a crb out performs simply because it can extract all of that buried soil that vacuuming can not get.

Oct 02, 2014
Musty odors caused by wet systems
by: Michael

I hate to tell you, but that horrible odor you were smelling is the fecal matter and decaying bodies of the microorganism that were given life when water as introduced into you carpet. Just because extraction systems are the most commonly used does not mean they are the best. There are many draw backs from wet cleaning.

Mar 27, 2014
Low Moisture Method


Sorry to hear about your bad experience with steam cleaning. How much we like a particular method either wet or low moisture often depends on the expertise of the cleaning technician. An untrained technician can turn any cleaning method into a bad experience just as a technician that knows how to clean can do wonders with any method.

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