Steam Cleaning is Best

by John Wells
(Junction City, Kansas)

STEAM CLEANING IS BEST because if the carpeted areas are really dirty, sometimes we just have to use a steam cleaner and freshen up the entire carpeted area in the room. To do steam cleaning we need a vacuum, a Steam cleaner, hot water, a measuring cup and a carpet cleaning solution. Most steam cleaners use a three-part system. First the machine sprays a cleaning solution onto the carpet. Then an agitating brush works the cleaner into the carpet fibers. Finally, a vacuum system sucks up the dirty solution and stores it in a reservoir for disposal. Before steam cleaning any carpeted area in our home, it's important that we first vacuum the carpet to pick up any larger particles. Next, it’s important to pre-treat any heavily soiled areas of carpet with a little bit of carpet cleaning solution. Next, mix the solution for the steam cleaner and add to the steam cleaner. Now that our steam cleaner is prepped and ready to go, plug the extension cord on the steam cleaner into a nearby electrical outlet and start steaming. Now it's important to note here, that because steam cleaning the carpet is both time consuming and tiring, you want to run the steam cleaner in a smooth designated pattern around the room. This can be by either starting from the center and working our way outward, cleaning from the left side of the room to the right in straight lines, or any floor pattern that keeps the cleaner always covering new territory with each turn. The important thing is to make sure not to over-saturate the carpet. If this happens, the carpet padding will become soaked and this could lead to mold problems later on. Once we have covered the entirety of the room with the steam cleaner, feel free to open some windows or turn on a fan. This will help the carpet dry a little faster. Finally, try not to walk on the freshly steamed carpet area until the carpet is dry to the touch. You can check this by pushing your hand down slightly into the carpet. If your hand is still dry when you lift it up, it’s good to go! So there we have it, smells fresh and looks like new again!

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Jun 18, 2011
Double process cleaning
by: Anonymous

Does the IICRC and carpet cleaning manufactures condemn using a scrubber and chemical to pre-clean very dirty rugs and traffic areas before using truckmounted steam cleaning.

I guess I ask that cause I was told it could void the warrantee on a lot of carpet manufactures.

Thanks Buddy

Feb 15, 2010
Steam cleaning gets my vote
by: Dave @

Good comment!. Glad you start with vacuuming. Many cleaners skip this important step and the results show. Your review indicates you use a portable steam cleaner as opposed to truck mounted equipment. Both will work well if the operator is properly trained. As a matter of fact, all methods can work well if used as designed.

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