ph neutral cleaning product for travertine marble floor tiles

by Eila Laurikainen
(Adelaide South Australia)

All our floors are honed traverine. We need a ph neutral cleaner please.
Our bathrooms are also travertine. ph neutral cleaner.
House has lots of glass screens and windows. What is the best way to clean them without damaging the floors or the shiny chrome steel hinges of shower screens and table legs. I understand all the products need to be ph neutral.

Kitchen Benchtop is white marble. The top is being eaten away by splater from lemon juice that escapes during preparation, and the wine glass imprint .

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Oct 19, 2011
natural stone cleaning products


You asked a three part question. I will try to answer the first and last parts (travertine & marble questions), but the glass screens and windows I hope someone else can answer.

Travertine and marble are natural stone products. Your question stresses the need for using a neutral pH cleaner. My personal experience when cleaning these stones is to stay away from a acid pH cleaner as evidenced by the lemon juice splatter. The acid in these cleaners will eat away the stone.

You can use a neutral pH cleaner or even an alkaline pH cleaner formulated for natural stone/rock. Procyon Tile Grout & Rock Cleaner, although a ready to use pH of 10 (alkaline sided), would clean your travertine and marble flooring/bench without the toxic chemicals and voc's found in most cleaners, (even the neutral pH cleaners).

After cleaning the marble, you may want to seal the stone so the lemon juice will not damage it as easily and it will lessen the chance of a wine glass imprint.

Hope this answers your question. If anyone else has any input, please respond.

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