LRM Commercial Cleaning

by Luiz Martinez
(Waltham, Massachusetts )

LRM Commercial Cleaning

LRM Commercial Cleaning

LRM Commercial Cleaning

57 Prospect St.

Waltham, Massachusetts

How long have you been in business?

Luis Martinez

Founder and owner of LRM Commercial Cleaning (previously Fantastic Cleaning Service), has 20 years experience in cleaning, with a job history that includes an incredible variety of sites in all sizes and for all purposes: offices, healthcare facilities, houses, apartment buildings, restaurants, and the list goes on. And now, we are here for you. We provide high-quality cleaning services that are designed to keep your space neat and beautiful, longer so you can focus on what you need to do in your work and personal life.

What is your business philosophy or mission statement?

There's more to tidiness than just cleaning materials and polishing surfaces. LRM Commercial Cleaning’s environmental care and better technological upgrades have taken commercial cleaning to a whole new level. Our janitor services combines superior state-of-the-art tools with our proud heritage of innovative cleaning experience. That means we offer you a complete range of solutions tailored to your infrastructure's individual requirements.

What services do you offer? Just carpet cleaning or do you offer upholstery cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, or duct cleaning?

Bathroom Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Full Commercial Cleaning, Post-Construction Cleaning, Restaurant and Kitchen Cleaning, Hard-Surface Floor Care, Window Washing, Up-Keeping and Deep Cleaning.

Perhaps you'd like to add something about your staff? What kind of training, education or certification do they have, for example.

What days and times are you open? Do you have specific office or cleaning hours? Do you have regular closures (Sundays? Statutory Holidays?)

We are always willing to help our customers so if a job needs to be done asap, no matter the day, we can always work something out and help you.

Explain what makes your company different from the rest.

We are a locally based company and our main goal is to give our customers the best service.

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