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Janitorial Cleaning Products

Are you concerned with the harmful effects janitorial cleaning products can have on you, your staff or the building occupants in the buildings you maintain?

There are safe and effective janitorial cleaning product alternatives that won't make anyone cough, get sick or cause cancer.

In this day and age, janitorial green cleaning is becoming the standard operating procedure.

More and more contracts are given to building maintenance janitorial contractors utilizing a green janitorial approach to building maintenance than those not utilizing green janitorial cleaning.

In fact, almost one third of organizations require the use of green chemicals and equipment as part of their contracts.

This green trend continues to become all-encompassing, as evidenced by local, state and federal procurement policies which require sustainable practices, as well as the increase in local municipalities pushing for green legislation.

As the green cleaning trend becomes mainstream, so does the increase in the selection of janitorial cleaning products considered green. Seems like every cleaning product manufacturer is formulating an environment friendly janitorial supply cleaning product.

Are all of the janitorial cleaning products as green as the label claims?

Many of these janitorial chemicals meet enough requirements to be called "green" but from a user health and safety standpoint they have the potential to cause real issues. These janitorial products contain toxic chemicals which emit volatile organic compounds (VOC's).

These volatile organic compounds negatively affect the indoor air quality. The harmful effects of the VOC's emitted range from "chemical sensitivities" like allergies and asthma, to "sick building syndrome" or even cancer and everything in between.

The caveat here is to check the ingredients of a product. Always get a safety data sheet and also check to see if the product has been certified by one or more of the third-party organizations that offer non-biased confirmation of sustainable performance.

Some years ago, many green cleaning products were not as effective and cost more than conventional products, however, over time green cleaning products have become as effective as conventional products and now cost about the same.

Even though the majority of businesses would be willing to spend more for greener, safer and more effective cleaning products, price is still the biggest consideration when deciding on a new product.

Return on investment is important to any business. If a return is not realized quickly then the higher amount paid for a product may be viewed as an unnecessary expense. Often time a higher amount paid upfront will yield a cost savings in the future through extended use of a line of janitorial cleaning products.

Or in the long run your job cost is lower because you eliminate extra cleaning products like rinsing agents and extraction chemicals. Or the green janitorial products simplify the cleaning process and cut labor costs. Every dollar you can save is important to your budget.

Certified green commercial janitorial supplies can be purchased at a janitorial supplies store or from a janitorial distributor.

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