is there a brand name for a alkaline cleaning solution (ph 9=10) ??

by J.T.
(Casa Grande,Az)

Bought a used car w/red kool-aid on beige carpet

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Apr 17, 2012
Alkaline cleaners and red stains on carpet


If the nature of your question is to find an alkaline cleaner to remove the red kool-aid stain on your beige car carpet, then you must realize the stain is from a food dye and that alkaline cleaners won't remove it.

The alkaline cleaners will clean the red stain but not remove the red stain. If the stain is synthetic (man made as compared to naturally occurring in the stain material) you need to use a "reducer" to remove the stain.

There are "reducer" products available to the carpet cleaning industry but generally not available to the public due to the possibility of color loss in the carpet if not used properly.

My answer would be to consult a professional carpet cleaning service that have the products and knowledge necessary to remove the red dye stain.

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