I like Hot Water Extraction.

by Doug
(Omaha, NE)

HWE: This is the recommendation and sometimes requirement of the carpet mills in order to maintain the warranty. Who are we to mess with all of the testing that they have already done?

Yes, it leaves the carpet wetter but it cleans all of the carpet fibers and isn't that what the customers are paying for? If a customer knows that you are only cleaning the top of the fibers are they going to have you come back or are they going to be finished with you and on to the next carpet cleaner.

I suppose in the end its all in how you sell your services. But for me I choose HWE.

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May 26, 2013
Manufacturers require HWE carpet cleaning
by: Doug Haerle

While bonnet and encapsulation methods can achieve great results they will never live up to how HWE carpet cleaning performs. Bonnet and Encapsulation cleaning will not clean as deep as HWE will and both of these methods of cleaning will still require a HWE cleaning about once a year to remove the remaining dirt and encapsulates that are not removed by vacuuming. Take it from the manufactures like Shaw, they have spent lots of money on R&D, and the require the HWE method. Read their warranties they require it, not suggest it.

Doug Haerle, owner
Simply Steaming

May 28, 2012
by: Tristan Sterne

Like comfort rooms, bedrooms and carpets must be clean, too! Thanks for sharing, I also agree with you! and I don't want my guests to be disappointed while they stay in my home, so I make sure to assist them and that I am not running out of cleaning product supplies! And your post about carpet cleaning is really helpful, and yeah, I know when to let experts do their jobs...

Mar 27, 2012
Hot Water Extraction
by: dave@healthier-cleaning-products.com


Thanks for giving your opinion on the best carpet cleaning method. I too favor hot water extraction as the best method but each method does have its place.

When performed properly and of course with the best carpet cleaning products (Soap Free Procyon), any method be it hwe, bonnet cleaning or even encapsulation, can produce excellent results.

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