HOST Organic Deep Cleaning Delivers Fantastic Results

by Eco Floorcare
(Dorset, UK)

I use the Host Dry Extraction Carpet Cleaning system to excellent effect on a wide range of carpets in both residential and commercial situations.

Host is better described as low moisture, rather than dry, as the moisture and cleaning solutions needed to clean the carpet are contained within the Host organic sponges.

After Host cleaning carpets are left clean, fresh and dry - ready to walk on immediately after cleaning with no drying time.

In addition the Host cleaning solutions are all WoolSafe Approved, Green Seal Certified, Non-toxic, Non-abrasive and Biodegradable.

Used correctly, with the Host machine fitted with the appropriate brushes, the Host system will achieve fantastic results on the dirtiest of carpets.

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Aug 23, 2011
Host Method for cleaning carpet

Welcome Eco Floorcare and thanks for your input to the subject of best carpet cleaning method.

I have personally used the Host System to clean carpet and rugs that could only be cleaned with a low moisture method. The results were good for low soil levels but once the soil load increased or there was greasy soil to clean I thought the results were not that impressive.

I would agree Host is very safe for the user and the building occupant. The Host System does have its place in the carpet cleaning industry, particularly as an interim maintenance method.

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