Green Carpet Cleaning

The objective of green cleaning, specifically green carpet cleaning, is to use systems, products and procedures that clean carpeting effectively while protecting the health of the cleaning technician and building occupants with little or no harm to the environment.

As the demand for green cleaning increases, so does the need for carpet cleaning that's green.

While some policies or procedures may vary between cleaning commercial carpet and residential carpet, the common thread of green carpet cleaning is the use of green cleaning products and green cleaning supplies.

When talking about green cleaning, most business owners will refer to their green policies like recycling paper, minimizing water waste, saving electricity and fuel. However, simply switching from toxic cleaning chemicals and choosing green cleaning products and green cleaning supplies can make a big difference to the health of their employees, building occupants and the environment.

What green carpet cleaning products should you choose?

Choose green carpet cleaning products that:

  • are certified as green seal cleaning products. Certified products offer more confidence the product is safer for the user and the environment.
  • contain no volatile organic compounds (VOC's). Applying the cleaner during the cleaning process creates an air borne mist that workers or building occupants may breathe.
  • doesn't leave a dirt attracting detergent residue which causes rapid re-soiling thus requiring more frequent cleanings.
  • are concentrated to reduce packaging and shipping costs.
  • require less cleaning chemical to achieve outstanding cleaning results. For instance, utilizing a system of pre-spraying the carpet with a cleaning product and then rinsing with clear water has less environmental impact than does cleaning the carpet with a mixture of water and chemical in an extractor's solution tank.

Changing to green cleaning policies and procedures can be equated to a new mindset.

In comparison, a vegetarian will eliminate fleshy foods (considered toxic or harmful to their well being) from their diet. In turn, the vegetarian no longer makes choices which embrace the old way of eating. Decisions and actions are related to this new mindset.

Similarly, a green cleaner will no longer use toxic chemicals and in turn will make other business choices which support green cleaning.

The green cleaning movement is headed in the direction toward sustainability. Which is meeting our needs today without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In other words, leaving resources for future generations by eliminating waste in energy use, supplies, fuel and labor.

But isn't this really a way of streamlining a carpet cleaning or other business to help the bottom line? Its about becoming more efficient in the way the business operates. And so much the better if we help the environment in doing so.

Green cleaning products also include a tile & grout cleaner and a multi-purpose cleaner and degreaser

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