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What is encapsulation carpet cleaning and how does it clean? As the name suggests, encapsulation means to package or surround. In terms of carpet cleaning, the unwanted soil is packaged or surrounded by a cleaning product which facilitates removal.

Professional cleaners use the "cleaning pie" known as T.A.C.T. which is Temperature, Agitation, Chemical, Time. In order to achieve optimal cleaning results, each portion of the cleaning pie is given an equal sized slice (25% of the pie).

In other words, in theory, each slice of the cleaning pie is as equally important as the other three. In reality, different carpet cleaning methods rely on different sized pie slices to achieve optimal results.

Encapsulation carpet cleaning makes the most use of the Chemical and Agitation slices of the pie and less use of the Temperature and Time slices. Hot water extraction or steam cleaning give Temperature, Chemical and Time, the largest slices of the cleaning pie and a small slice to Agitation.

For those not familiar with encapsulation carpet cleaning, here is a brief description:

The typical encapsulation chemical makes use of a detergent just like the typical chemicals you use now. What makes encapsulation products different is the crystal polymers found in most encapsulation chemicals.

First, the detergent does its work (separating soil from fibers and suspending the soil). Next, the crystallizing polymers surround or encapsulate the detergent solution and suspended soils. The polymer then dries to a crystal.

The carpet may look clean at this point, but is not until the carpet is vacuumed. Vacuuming shatters this crystal and allows it to be vacuumed away. Each subsequent vacuuming removes more encapsulated soil. Because this crystallized polymer does not leave a sticky residue, dirt will not be attracted to the crystal and your carpet stays clean longer.

Most of the soil found in carpet is dry particulate soil (gritty dirt) which is most effectively removed by vacuuming. By removing the dry soil, the only soil left is the sticky soil. This is the soil from sugary drinks, air born cooking oils that settle on the carpet, pollen, allergens, and even detergent residue left behind from previous carpet cleanings, to name a few. The key to effective carpet cleaning is to remove the sticky soils.

The most essential ingredient for successful encapsulation carpet cleaning is the chemical.

If you have spent any time on this site, you'll notice we're all about (and hopefully you also) a healthier cleaning concept. When it comes to encapsulation cleaning, the goal is to use the most safe and effective green encapsulation carpet cleaning product. Of all the carpet cleaning encapsulation products, the best choice is Soap Free Procyon Extreme! Carpet Cleaner.

It was noted above that the typical encapsulation carpet chemical utilizes a detergent to suspend the soil, which is then encapsulated with a crystallizing polymer. The polymer dries to a crystal and is vacuumed away. This is how practically every encapsulation cleaner is formulated, with the exception of Procyon Extreme! Carpet Cleaner.

What is the Procyon Extreme! difference?

1. As compared to the other encapsulation cleaners, Procyon Extreme! Carpet Cleaner (as well as the complete line of Soap Free Procyon Cleaning Products) is a non detergent based cleaner. Procyon contains nonionic surfactant, water softeners and natural degreasers. There are no toxic ingredients, no VOC's (volatile organic compounds) or ingredients that trigger asthma, allergies or chemical sensitivities. All Procyon products are totally safe and certified by Green Seal.

2. Typical carpet cleaning encapsulation products rely on a crystallizing polymer as the encapsulation chemical. Although this polymer works well to encapsulate soil, it cannot be certified by Green Seal.

It's true, some of these polymer based products are labeled as green encapsulation carpet cleaning products. Some are even certified "green" by independent third party organizations. They don't however, carry the Green Seal certification, which is probably the most stringent independent third party certification organization.

Rather than formulate a crystallizing polymer encapsulation product, Procyon Extreme! uses a "sea salt" ingredient to encapsulate the suspended dirt. Once dried, the Procyon Extreme! encapsulated soil can be vacuumed away leaving clean, healthy, and residue free carpet.

3. The real beauty of the carpet cleaning encapsulation process is the removal of dirt by vacuuming after the cleaner has dried. The first vacuuming after the cleaning is probably the most significant. It's unrealistic to think all the encapsulation product and dirt is fully removed with this first vacuuming. The theory is, subsequent or routine vacuuming will remove more of the encapsulated soil.

Since not all of the encapsulation chemical and dirt are removed with the initial vacuuming, some remains in the carpet. This residual encapsulation product along with the remaining soil can create an "encap dust" which with normal carpet traffic can become air borne.

If this dust is formulated with toxic chemicals, a potential health hazard can be created. Since Procyon Extreme! doesn't contain toxic ingredients, any dust remaining after the initial vacuuming would not negatively affect the indoor air quality.

4. Cleaning carpet with encapsulation has traditionally been used in cleaning commercial carpet via a low moisture cleaning method. This same encapsulation cleaning that has proven itself in the commercial marketplace is also gaining acceptance in the residential market with the hot water extraction method of carpet cleaning. Procyon Extreme! Carpet Cleaner is an encapsulation product that lends itself to both low moisture and hot water extraction cleaning methods.

Isn't it time to try Procyon Extreme! Carpet Cleaner. Try a gallon today.

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