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“Soap Free Procyon Cleaning Products, a Safer and Healthier Way to Clean Carpet, Upholstery, Tile Flooring and Hard Surfaces - Exceptional Results And Certified Green”

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If you’re like many cleaning professionals, you may be searching for a carpet cleaning product or hard floor cleaner that will make your cleaning task easier. A product that produces excellent results without the health risks of harsh chemical cleaners. 

If the claim of other cleaners has you skeptical, I may have the ideal solution for you.

Soap Free Procyon Cleaning Products produce the results you need, saving you time and money and is totally safe for EVERYONE and the environment.

Your staff can be more productive with better cleaning results in less time than with other products.

Superior cleaning results that won’t expose anyone to dangerous chemicals.  Plus, your carpet, upholstery and tile flooring stay cleaner longer since there is no soap or detergent residue to attract dirt which leads to rapid re-soiling.

You’ll realize enormous cost savings by eliminating the need for extra products such as traffic lane pre-sprays, defoamers and acid rinse agents.

And, with its exceptional dilution ratio, your actual material costs can be as low as 1/10th of a penny per square foot of cleaned carpet.

Because it’s certified by Green Seal, the Carpet & Rug Institute and other third party organizations, plus many carpet manufacturers, you can use it with confidence that it meets safety and environmental guidelines.

With no toxic ingredients to adversely affect health, you’ll have happier employees with less absentee time.

“Fits into any green sustainable cleaning program”

You won’t be exposing yourself or others to dangerous chemicals. The ingredients won’t cause Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s) or off gassing to trigger allergies or asthma. Our products don’t contribute to “sick building syndrome”.
In fact you can use Procyon in areas with poor ventilation without the worry of harmful off-gases. Everyone will breathe easier because the indoor air quality is not compromised.

Soap Free Procyon Cleaning Products are formulated without perfumes or odors to trigger allergies or asthma in even the most chemically sensitive.

No toxic chemicals are left behind to harm people or pets.

The concentrated formula also means less packaging waste to negatively impact the environment.

Because it contains no bacteria, enzymes, bleach, oxidizing or reducing agents, Soap Free Procyon is totally safe for natural and sensitive fabrics and fibers ….anything that can be wet cleaned.

“Simplify your cleaning process”

You don’t have to buy any new equipment since it works with any cleaning system.

Employees will not have to be trained to use many different cleaning products. 

You’ll need fewer specialized spot removers since Soap Free Procyon removes tough spots and stains caused by grease, blood, tea, coffee, road tar, various inks, ketchup, shoe polish, food and beverage residues and more.

“Eliminates the need for detergent defoamers and acid rinse agents”

From the first time you use Soap Free Procyon, it begins to breakdown old soap and detergent residue from previous cleaning attempts for easier removal.  Continued use eliminates the need for detergent defoamers or acid rinse agents altogether.

Because Soap Free Procyon eliminates the problems associated with the sticky soapy residue of detergents like rapid resoiling and premature carpet wear, the appearance and life of the carpet is prolonged. In fact, spots and stains will not bleed back.

Procyon’s natural ingredients leave carpet and upholstery soft and fresh. You’ll deliver brighter floors, carpet and tile.

“Reduces slip and fall accidents”

Procyon cleaning products contain no soaps or detergents, so slip and fall accidents are greatly reduced even during the tile cleaning process.

In fact, because there are no soapy sticky residues left behind, the tile won’t get slippery when wet.

“More savings for a better bottom line”

The concentrated formula allows the dilution ratio to suit the needs of the cleaning job. Lowers your actual material costs. Using more is NOT better.

Soap Free Procyon provides faster soil removal, saving production time and cutting labor costs. Helps you streamline competitive job quotes without sacrificing profit.

“Backed by a no hassle, no headache, 100% money back guarantee”

We are so confident in the effectiveness of Soap Free Procyon Cleaning Products that we back them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Buy one gallon, and if you’re not convinced that the power and performance of Soap Free Procyon is a safer and healthier way to clean carpet, upholstery, tile flooring and hard surfaces, simply give us a call within 30 days and we’ll refund every penny – including shipping. You don’t even need to return the product.

Order today from the link below and see for yourself why Soap Free Procyon Products are a safer and healthier way to clean carpet, upholstery, tile flooring and hard surfaces - exceptional results and certified green”

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